Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

April 02, 2019

Well, well, well …
If that’s not my “persevering” alter ego, then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m not into explaining my disappearance so let’s just go straight to the main point here…

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic – Things that make me pick up a book?
To be honest, nowadays, a book to get my attention is really hard because if I see the chosen one trope, or one more love hexagon (or any other angled figure) I’m going to cut someone. Ahh, and let’s not forget the “poor and broken” boy, who feels like need to be rude to everybody except the special snowflake.
With that being said let’s continue on to more pleasant and cheerful things.

And here goes my list:
1.    Representation.
If a book has POC or is based on a nation/ world which is not often showed – chances for me to choose to pick it up are really, really big. Like for example the Middle East and its myths sound amazing right now.

2.    Mythologies.
Rick Riordan’s book or the series which are being represented by him. I want to read them all. “Aru Shah and the end of time” is one of my favorites for last year and cannot read to read the next book in the series.
I love myth and this kind of stories a lot. There is something absolutely magical and is helpful sometimes. So give me more of those and my soul would be happy.

3.    Auto-buy authors.
It’s not really important for a book to include some characteristics for me to read it. Is enough to be written by my buying-by-default authors such as Leigh Bardugo (aka my queen), Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Scott Lynch, Matthew Reilley… It doesn’t matter what the book is about – just take my money.

4.    Crime, Mysteries – you know, this stuff.
Sometimes I just need to relax (I know – weird, right?!) and this is where crime fiction comes in handy. Because: 1) it’s enjoyable; 2) there is enough suspense to make you flip the pages; 3) actually your brain is trying to solve the puzzle with the MC. Agatha Christie’s books are a favorite summer read of mine.

5.    Group of outsiders, or of strange people goes on a heist.
After Six of Crows, I’m so into those kinds of tales. 1) adventure; 2) great characters – you can find at least 2 who don’t piss you off; 3) action, action, action. I don’t know about you but I’m keen on the action and rather have action and fighting scenes than romantic subplot who takes over because you see the author doesn’t know what else to do …

6.    Strong females who kick ass.
This is to the females who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, are loyal, know what they want, actually think – and not about which boy to pick. And not become a wailing baby later on.
Well, actually, really depends on the story because it might be promising from the synopsis and then to turn one of those YA pathetic stories that I’m tired of seeing.

7.    Retelling.
Just a retelling of my favorite fairytale would persuade me to pick the book up. Or even not a favorite, because I want to see something different from the original. It’s exciting to see what the author has included and how the story has changed to a new one.
8.    The World.
If the synopsis gives enough information about it and especially if it considers the future – it’s sold.  
On the other hand, open to new magical worlds any time, any day. It’s basically like an excursion without traveling on the uncomfortable bus (assuming not reading books on the public transport – but that’s another thing) and being annoyed by those little kids who cannot shut their mouths.

9.    Magic, Supernatural stuff, etc.
Who doesn’t like magic?! At the same time, the Math student’s book can pass for one as well.
I want more shapeshifters!!! And dragons!!!!
On the serious note – magic powers but with a twist, because we already have so many scenarios and it is not cool. I don’t care if they can control the elements one more time if it’s done correctly and presented well – awesome.

10.  Colorful cover.
There we go with the basics here. Last but not least.
You cannot tell me you’ve never picked a book because of the exquisite cover at least ones! It’s unbelievable!
Anything from colors of the rainbow to complete gold, or white and gold has my attention and especially if the font is kind of cursive or circled, or edgy or ……

 what are your must-haves in a book? and what about your favorite creature? 

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  1. Yes, representation is critical.

    My post:

  2. I, too, love it when the story is set in a part of the world that doesn't get a lot of press. I wish there were more books about POC. I'm always happy when I run across a new kids' book with children who speak Spanish. It makes me smile.